Our Maintenance Plan

Since 1932…our goal has been to exceed the expectations of our customers and to serve as a benchmark by which other heating and air conditioning companies are judged. From our humble beginning during the Depression, until now, over eight decades later, we have maintained our reputation by adhering to a non-negotiable business ethic of always putting the customer first! We provide the design, installation and maintenance of residential and commercial heating and air conditioning systems, as well as a complete sheet metal fabrication facility.

Over nearly nine decades…that is a record you can take “comfort” in.

What You Get From Our Maintenance Plan 

Membership Cost is $200/year for a single system home

  1. Brush clean your evaporator coil
  2. Apply Bactigard to your Evaporator coil (Bactigard stops the growth of Bacteria, and mildew-they use it in hospitals)
  3. Wash or replace air filters (filters are extra if you don’t have your own)
  4. Clean out drain pan
  5. Flush condensate drain line
  6. Blower wheel checked
  7. Refrigerant leak inspection on air handler
  8. Tighten electrical connections.
  9. Oil blower motor- When applicable
  10. Air handler visual inspection
  11. Clean leaves and debris from the condensing unit.
  12. Clean condenser coil
  13. Clean condenser cabinet
  14. Refrigerant leak inspection on condenser
  15. Tighten screws on cabinet
  16. Condenser visual inspection
  17. Insulation on copper lines
  18. Level thermostat- When applicable
  19. Refrigerant pressure readings
  20. Amperage of compressor
  21. Amperage of fan motor
  22. Amperage of heat strips
  23. Temperature differential
  24. Record data for your records
  25. 30 Day Warranty
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